Sunday, January 20, 2008

Why blog?

Here's  a testimonial for blogging enthusiasts: CBC's Test the Nation was just on TV and .......the top individual score (57/60) belonged to someone from the Bloggers team!!!   As well, the Bloggers team won the top overall score (50/60).  Kinda fun!  Can it mean that blogging makes you smarter?!  Or that bloggers are just smart to begin with?!


Val Martineau said...

Hi Linda:
That's interesting. Bloggers coming on top of Test the Nation. I'm glad to have joined the blogger revolution. Perhaps people who are really interested in facts, trivia, pop culture, history etc. also have the incline to blog as it keeps them up to date on world events etc. Who knows?

You were right when you earlier wrote Grande Prairie and Nanaimo are beautiful. I loved Grande Prairie. We loved the x-c ski trails at the Wapiti Nordic ski trails. The community is wonderful and great for kids. I miss the outdoor rinks. On our next visit to GP (likely this summer) we always stop in Jasper for a few hours, I would love to have a coffee with you.

I noticed you liked Middlesex. Glad to hear as it was a book our bookclub is considering. I just finished Consumption by Kevin Paterson. Excellent book!

Cheers Val

Linda Morgan said...

Hey Val. Please do stop for a coffee - I'm in the phone book and there's only one L. Morgan in there, so I'm easy to find. It would be nice to connect!

Let me know if your club does read Middlesex. It's one of the best books I've ever read! I'll have to look up Consumption....I've been looking for a new read. Thanks for the suggestion!